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A Goblin's Mind
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Doctor Harlow is used to dealing with interesting and unusual patients such as Necia, the unicorn-woman whose compulsion to hoard useless trinkets has brought her a great deal of anxiety–such is an average day for the best therapist in the Skarsgaard Kingdom.  However, when a goblin teenager with a healthy imagination comes to visit, things begin to change for Harlow.

Not soon after the doctor discovers an unlikely link between the green-skinned youngster and the other patients do people start to go missing. Time is running out, and Doctor Harlow must discover the truth about the goblin's mind before it's too late.

A Goblin's Mind is J.D. Dresner's debut novella, initially written during the 3-Day Novel Contest of 2013. Set in the world of Corwyn, this tale is linked to other Corwyn Chronicles tales, while remaining a stand-alone story.

You can purchase this book in paperback or various eBook formats here:

A Goblin's Mind (Wide Crop) - POCKET EDI

Amazing Book! A Ride From Start to Finish

I absolutely love the whole story, the writing style, the characters, words and impeccable grammar. Not only is it incredibly well written, but the story is a ride from start to finish. The author has such a unique writing style full of enticing vocabulary that makes you feel as though you are the main character dealing with all of these unique, incredible characters. I started this book and finished it in a day — yes it is that good. You won't regret buying it!
—Amazon Review

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Short Tales

The Corwyn Chronicles are a collection of stories taking place all within one universe. Here you will find a collection of free short stories, as well as links to where you can purchase some of the broader tales (in both paperback and eBook formats).

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Death of A Jackal

A battle rages on in the fields just outside of Calládon where Jayna lies, dying.  She has but a few moments left to live... how will she spend those precious moments to give her life meaning?  CLICK ON THE BOOK!

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When Nedrick wakes up to find his partner in crime has tied him to a chair in some basement he's never been in, he learns that Annabelle Barthez has become obsessed with erasing her own identity so she can become a better thief. Still... why tie him up? What does he have to do with her desire to become socially invisible? This story is under consideration for a contest and will become available once the results are in.

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The Dragon & The Three Knights

In a traditional tale of folklore and fantasy, The Dragon & The Three Knights encompasses much of the mythological themes and tropes found in cultures all over the world. One after the next, three valiant knights venture out into the world to find the dragon's den in search of a magical relic. One knight, a heavily armoured soldier that adheres to the code... another delving headfirst into the den, relying on intuition.  Which of these three can defeat the dragon, you might ask? This book is under major revisions, and will be available soon.

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Of Gnomes & Azoth

Captain Zee Tegg touched on the story of Azoth in the second novel regarding Anthyn and the Four Talismans. Now is your chance to learn more about what happened on that particularly gloomy day for the gnomes of Gotrut!  CLICK ON THE BOOK!

Sword & Witchhazel
Witchhazel & Sword

The Corwyn Chronicles released an experimental novelette called both, Sword & Witchhazel, and Witchhazel & Sword. Two titles, two covers, two sides of one story!

Whatever happens in Witchhazel, also happens in Sword. Whatever happens in Sword, also happens in Witchhazel.


Decide which of the conjoined tales you’d like to read first—the tale of Pallo, Swashbuckler living in Sword, or the tale of Dinah, Artiste living in Witchhazel. Only when both stories are read will you receive the full scope of what it’s like to live in the twin towns, where whatever happens in Sword, happens in Witchhazel.

What House Do You Belong To?

Learn about Sword's four Houses of the Blade, and Witchhazel's four Houses of the Staff by clicking here!

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can order one by contacting J.D. Dresner at or using the Contact Page to make shipping arrangements. Want it signed by the author? Just ask!

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The Outer Realm Tales

Not everything of interest happens on the planet Corwyn. Check out these other stories by J.D. Dresner.

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The Death Sentence

When a brutal murder occurs, The Inspector and his assistant are quick to enter the scene. All too soon do they realize they are living in a 2,000 word universe, and in their short-lived, self-aware existence, they must discover the truth about the murder. Time is ticking, or rather, the word count is dwindling! Can The Inspector and his assistant solve the murder in time... err... in 2,000 words?  This story is under consideration for publication, and it will become available once the results are in.

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Time Keepers of the Modified Earth

Enter a fragmented world where time-traveling agents work tirelessly to restore the timeline after one single event disrupted and mangled the known history.  It is Henry Clogwell's first day, and it is up to Stark to show him the ropes.  They must travel to the points in time where ripples have distorted history, and they must set things right without anyone being the wiser.  Join Clogwell and Stark as they seek to find the answer to the question that lingers in their minds. By traveling back in time and restoring the timeline, are they really accomplishing anything?

This story is under consideration for a contest, and will become available once the results are in.

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