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Interested in a copy of one of J.D. Dresner's books? Some are available in both paperback, and eBook formats! See A Goblin's Mind, or Sword & Witchhazel below.

If you'd rather purchase a copy through your favourite online or bricks-&-mortars vendor, not a problem! In fact, here's a couple you can go to get Dresner's first novella, A Goblin's Mind.

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Sword & Witchhazel
Witchhazel & Sword

The Corwyn Chronicles released an experimental novelette called both, Sword & Witchhazel, and Witchhazel & Sword. Two titles, two covers, two sides of one story!

Decide which of the conjoined tales you’d like to read first—the tale of Pallo, Swashbuckler living in Sword, or the tale of Dinah, Artiste living in Witchhazel. Only once both stories are read will you receive the full scope of what it’s like to live in the twin towns, where whatever happens in Sword, happens in Witchhazel.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can order one by contacting J.D. Dresner from the Contact Page to make shipping arrangements. Want it signed by the author? Just ask!

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A Goblin's Mind

Doctor Harlow is used to dealing with interesting and unusual patients such as Necia, the unicorn-woman whose compulsion to hoard useless trinkets has brought her a great deal of anxiety–such is an average day for the best therapist in the Skarsgaard Kingdom. However, when a goblin teenager with a healthy imagination comes to visit, things begin to change for Harlow.

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Not soon after the doctor discovers an unlikely link between the green-skinned youngster and the other patients do people start to go missing. Time is running out, and Doctor Harlow must discover the truth about the goblin's mind before it's too late.

A Goblin's Mind is J.D. Dresner's debut novella, initially written during the 3-Day Novel Contest of 2013. Set in the world of Corwyn, this tale is linked to other Corwyn Chronicles tales, while remaining a stand-alone story.

You can purchase this book in paperback or various eBook formats here:

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