Character Biographies

The Corwyn universe is littered with interesting characters, from savvy pirates to leviathan-like monsters. Ever met a half woman, half unicorn before? Want to know who the greatest spell-caster of all time is? Here you'll see a glimpse of some of the most interesting characters, found only within the pages of J.D. Dresner's books!

Prevalent Characters:

Anthyn Favicon

Anthyn Ambrose, main protagonist and hero. A seemingly normal swordsman-for-hire, Anthyn soon realizes he's part of a larger scheme involving Fate and other godly entities.

Nina Kevlar CLEAN Nina Kevlar, protagonist: thief. Her past is shrouded in mystery, but would you expect anything different from a thief on the run? Nina is adept at hiding. Still, you wouldn't want to corner this wily thief, or you might just find yourself pinned to a wall with four of her sharply aimed daggers.

Innious Bane HeadInnious Bane, Sorcerer extraordinaire! He may be crass, he may be mean, but he'll certainly take out a chunk of your enemy's ranks with but a single spell. Self-taught, Bane prides himself on being better than any other sorcerer he's ever encountered. Too bad he never learned to wield his magic properly, for his skin is now charred--head to toe--by his power.

VarrhsaeVarrhsae, The Shadow Imp. Nina's familiar, this creature inhabits The Shadow Realm until he is summoned.

Other Characters:

Dô Karr of Clan Steelhead: Combatant in the gladiator Common Games, friend of Anthyn's
Savant Krell: Veteran warrior and current number 2 to Arcadian Grimoire in The Sandblade Guild
Arcadian Grimoire: Leader of The Sandblade Guild
Kev Hammerchild: Gladiator official and Stone GIant Arena Senior Chairman
Merrick Tempar: Senior Chairman of Parriün City
Ironbear: Renowned gladiator champion, Anthyn's father
Valese Ambrose: Anthyn's sister, bookworm

The Trius (The Three Specialists of Calládon)
Riggoza the Yellow: Gateway specialist and travel expert
Keavan Drizzlewood the Blue: Master illusionist
Kreex the Black: Summoner and expert in magical creature identification
Skitch: butler, aid, maintenance, cook

The Sky Spirit Crew
Garron Starblade: Captain
Ania D'artan: Quartermaster, first-mate
Cassius the Cunning: Ship's thaumaturgist and spell-caster
Meevok: Ship's mechanic and carpenter, goblin
Buck / Buccaneer: Master fencer
Carvor Drake: Ship's boatswain
Flintlock: Ship's sharpshooter
Kelnor, Last of the Thunderclan: Ship's weapon's chief and tactical officer

Members of the secretive defense team, The Fe'auron
Gildus the Benevolent: Wizard supreme
Lord Onnubius: Grey-skinned man with the ability to alter perception
Fenyur Harrabold: Master swordsman and tracker
Mortis the Eternal: A powerful being with a living cloak
Quinnicunx: An odd, floating creature with an eye in the centre of its torso. It communicates telepathically, and it has no sense of up or down
James Alabaster: Healer of the White Cloth
Harl of Olde: A very old and wise man, though he is often said to be stuck in the olden days
Mavis and Greïä: Expert markswoman and pterodactyl combo
Levandra: Seer, and communicator with Fate and the divine tapestry
Shandré: Cheetah-like woman who moves incredibly fast
Raff: Butler
Brooks: Skilled spell-caster, under Harrabold's wing

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