About Corwyn

Corwyn is a world where magic and mythical creatures exist, where humans, dwarves, the nymn, and elves live in relative peace, and where imagination becomes reality. Civilization is on the bring of scientific revolution: lightning-charged bulbs are slowly replacing magically conjured light, the gnomes are tinkering with steam-powered mechanisms, and the first locomotive is being developed in central Craggmoä. The world is on the brink of change as The Age of Thieves winds down.

Only four seasons remain before the dawn of the new age, and there are but a few individuals who know what changes shall come—for with each new age there is always change. One age brought darkness into the world, where malevolence overpowered the good-willed, and chaos and anarchy dominated over control and peace. Another, peaceful age introduced the gnomes and nymn races to the world. The inhabitants of Corwyn see each age as a 'tweaking' of their universe—to some these changes are the gods' decree, while the more scientific minds consider these changes to be evolutionary steps, or alterations in the physics of reality.

Now, an indescribable evil has arisen. The dead lands of Îssard stirs once more, and a looming shroud has begun to spread across the continent. Four magical talismans—created in an age where magic potential was unhindered—have revealed themselves after spending many years in hiding. These talismans are the key to controlling the realms, and it is believed that whomever wields these talismans shall ultimately shape the new age in their image.

Anthyn Ambrose is an everyday swordsman who grew up in the shadow of his father. The Legendary Ironbear was considered to be one of the best gladiators in his time, but now he's a washed up drunk who blames his son for not being able to save his wife from the blade of an assassin. If only everyone else saw in the gladiator what Anthyn saw... if only he could make a name for himself in a city where everyone knows him by association of his father.

Anthyn just wants to prove he is a worthy swordsman when he agrees to compete in a gladiator tournament for The Sandblade Guild. Hired by Guildmaster Arcadian Grimoire, Anthyn must fight his way to victory, but the simple act of competing in a tournament begins a chain of events that forces Anthyn to face a greater destiny. Accompanied by the half-dwarven son of a senator, Dó Karr Dâyne, and the chatter-mouthed thief, Nina Kevlar, Anthyn ventures outside his hometown for the first time. In his travels he sees wondrous things—things he never knew existed before—but danger lurks wherever he goes. Conniving spell-casters continually attempt to control him, factions and fanatical groups are hunting for him, and a dark past is catching up with him... but that isn’t the worst of it: There are those with incredible power who seek the four talismans, and they believe Anthyn and his group of adventurers are the key to finding them.


The Ages, Calendars and Dates of Corwyn. The Ages, dates, and seasons explained!  Why is the date so odd-looking?  What is a Thégos?  How are the ages defined?  Check it out here!

The Sky Spirit! Check out the schematics for the most famous pirate ship to sail the seas... and the sky!

Parriün City.  A place of entertainment, danger, and secret meetings.  Many memorable characters call this place home, including Anthyn Ambrose, Valese Ambrose, The Legendary Gladiator Ironbear, Arcadian Grimoire (Master of the Sandblade Guild), & Kev Hammerchild (Senior Arena Official).

Îssard, The Cursed LandÎssard was once a lush and vibrant land, led by King Brohnan and his lords. Where bustling towns once produced fine crops and materials under the king’s rule, now lies barren wastelands and abandoned castles. Nothing grows; nothing lasts in Îssard, and none dare venture past The Grey Borders from their homelands in either Craggmoä, Ballendur, or Bogrythe.

The Forgotten.    Long ago, when Corwyn was a fairly newly-inhabited planet, the old gods reigned, and the old religions pervaded the peoples' thoughts.  The old gods have been cast down, banished from their homes in the sky and living like mortals.

The Map of Corwyn and Craggmoä.  The map of this land has be inscribed into the archives.  Check out the central land of Craggmoä here.

The Twin Towns.  Of every event (magically or naturally occurring) that has been documented on Corwyn, none is less understood than the Twin Town’s Phenomenon.  Not mage, or sage, scholar, or scientist can tell you why the two towns–Witchhazel and Sword–behave as they do.


- A description of the races

- Old Corwyn (concept art and stories from earlier versions of "Corwin") and The original AD&D module written by J.D. Dresner that was the seed of all that there is here!